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Shadowmancer: Special Edition

Title: Shadowmancer: Special Edition

Auhor: G.P. Taylor

Publisher: Faber Children's Books

Reviewer: Duncan Walker

Rating (out of 10): 8


Set in an alternate 18th century Yorkshire, it is the tail of three childrenís struggle against an evil sorcerer, Obadiah Demurral, who seeks to control the highest power in the universe.

In the race to find the next Harry Potter G P Taylorís first novel Shadowmancer has often been heralded as the next great thing. However, comparisons with Potter are a bit tenuous. Yes they are both childrenís books with a fantasy theme, but there the similarities end. Shadowmancer is a much darker novel; the world that the characters inhabit is a harsher more unforgiving place then Rowlings world.

Taylorís interweaving of a traditional Christian moral story with folklore, makes for a provoking and fun reading. Which more than holds it own against the all-conquering teen wizard.

This special edition features new material, an extra chapter and facts about the book's location.

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