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Soul Sessions, The

Album: Soul Sessions, The

Artist/Group: Joss Stone

Label: Relentless

Reviewer: Duncan Walker

Rating (out of 10): 7


Soul Sessions is the much heralded and hyped first album of Joss Stone a 16-year-old Devon girl. The question is does it stand up well against this weight of expectation, and is Stone just another passing novelty act or someone with real talent whose going somewhere.

Certainly on first listening to the album your reaction is one of amazement mixed with delight, at Stones wonderful voice. However, once you get over the 'fantastic voice for a 16 year old' initial reaction, it has to be said that there seems to be a lack of emotional depth in the singing. Perhaps this is to due to the fact that Stone as a 16 year old has little experience of the things she is sing about, and so the songs tend to sound a little hollow.

Yet it has to be said that Stone has a lot a talent, and hopeful she will go on to produce some great albums. Buts the acid test will be when she has some original material of her own to sing.

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